Monday, July 11, 2005

Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks 

I'm on vacation for the next couple of weeks. I've been working on a piece about how Iraq resembles Vietnam (this should be fun), and decided to take a break and do some blog-surfing.

There's a site I used to frequent called Hog On Ice (it used to be called, Little Tiny Lies, which was much more appropriate). I haven't been there in 6 to 8 months. The owner, Steve, used to be a very funny guy - still is at times, I guess - but he became way too preachy and judgmental. When you would call him on something, he would either delete your comments, or shut down the comments section.

Ol' Steve is still stuck in his old ways. Too damned funny.

I clicked on over, and was reading a post which looked to be on the upcoming Supreme Court nomination process. It turned into a screed on abortion and condoms and evil, fornicating men and women.

Before I proceed, first a little background: Steve is a single guy. He can't find a "good woman" anywhere. He rips into women, just as he did in this screed, and wonders why he can't get hitched. Most women are just whores with agendas, they want to sink their hooks into you, yada, yada.
For a woman who uses sex to try to land a husband, an abortion is like clearing the pins off a bowling alley after a strike. You have to get the lane back in play as soon as possible.

And he wonders out loud why he can't find any "decent" women?! Uhm, I think the virgin Mary is already taken.
There was a time when we thought human beings had the ability to keep their pants on and their legs together, but if you say that now, people call you a reactionary lunatic.

After reading that assinine statement, I wanted to drop by and say, "Hi" - Steve loves me - and pose the question of, "So Steve, are you saying that you have never had sex before. With another person, I mean? 'Cause if you have, wouldn't that make you just about the biggest hypocrite in Blogville? xoxo, The Other Mike S."

It seems as though a lot of Steve's regulars jumped on his shit before I got a chance, and Steve did what he always does: He closed the comments! Probably deleted posts, too.

These pious assholes with their holier-than-thou attitude just irk my shit. Just like Bill O'Reilly. I went out and celebrated when his condescending ass got busted with the Phone Sex Scandal. I nearly wet myself I laughed so hard.

Steve's cut from the same cloth. LMAO, he really doesn't understand why he can't get a woman. hahahahahaha Ooops, Pepsi out the nose!


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